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First Meeting 'Soft Skills' Workshop
Be So Good They Can't Ignore You!
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Does this ever happen to you?
If so, you're not alone...
Do you ever struggle to get clients to commit to a full financial planning service from your firm?

Do you fall into the trap of 'Just doing the investment / pension / mortgage ' and plan to hopefully, one day, get round to full planning at a later date?

Do you have a rough idea of what you should be doing to communicate your service when you meet a prospective new client - but haven’t practiced it enough to sound truly convincing?

Would you like to get better at delivering a first meeting that allows clients to understand what a difference Lifestyle Financial Planning can make in their lives and why they should engage you to help them with this - and pay you well for the privilege?

Are you scared to practice with Friends / Colleagues in case they discover that you aren’t as good at this as you think they expect you to be?

Or... would you simply like to improve your ‘soft skills’?

If yes, this day is for you...
Dan Britton
Blue Financial Services
Chartered Financial Planner
Chartered Wealth Manager
"An excellent day for lifestyle financial planners looking to improve their first meeting skills"
"This event provided a safe environment for everyone to make mistakes - and practice, practice, practice. This is so important - no matter what level we are at"
Matt Walne
Santorini Financial Planning
Registered Life Planner
"Whether you want reassurance or the opportunity to explore a new approach you couldn't wish for a more engaging and 'safe' environment"
Stephen Jones 
Clear Solutions
Chartered Financial planner
"A great day with lots of valuable ideas even for someone like me who has been round the block. 
Peer to Peer idea sharing is so valuable"
Martin Hill 
TWP Wealth
Chartered Financial planner
About the "First Meeting 'Soft Skills' Workshop"
What is it not?

It is not a seminar where you come along, sit, listen, and then promise to go away and implement what you are told - but then end up doing nothing with what you learned.

It is not a day where you can get some easy CPD without doing anything...

What is it then?

It is a day where, with a little guidance if required, you will PRACTICE and PRACTICE and PRACTICE your first meeting skills with other like-minded practitioners looking to also sharpen their skills - all in a safe environment - where making mistakes is not a problem.

It is a day that will set you up to start immediately talking more confidently and competently and more convincingly about the service you offer and the benefits that clients will receive from it.

It is a day where you can learn from your peers, to see what works - and what doesn’t - so you can put the best bits to work for you in your life.

It is a day which will give you the confidence to decide how much to charge for your service - and decide how that will change as you become more accomplished.

In short, this is a practical hands on day that helps you bridge that gap between ‘what you know’ and ‘what you practice’.

This is the Inspiring Advisers First Meeting ‘Soft Skills’ Workshop.
Places are strictly limited
In order to create a friendly, ‘safe’ environment this will be a small, intimate workshop of like-minded financial planners all interested in taking their practise to new heights in 2017. Places are therefore extremely limited.
LONDON: Tuesday, March 7th 2017
The event will run from 10.00 am - 4:30 pm, you should aim to arrive at 9.30am to allow a prompt start. Tea/coffee and lunch included.
LONDON: Tuesday, March 7th 2017
MANCHESTER: Wednesday, 8th March 2017
Interested? But can't make these dates?
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“This event provided a safe environment for everyone to make mistakes and practice. This is so important - no matter what level we are at.”  Matthew Walne

"You're never too experienced or too old to learn. Whether you want reassurance or the opportunity to explore a new engagement approach you couldn't wish for a more engaging and 'safe' environment."
Stephen Jones - Clear Solutions

"An enjoyable and extremely valuable event - highly recommended" - Jonathan Thorpe

"A great day with lots of valuable ideas even for some one like me who has been round the block. Peer to Peer idea sharing is so valuable. Many thanks" Martin Hill TWP Wealth

"Steve and Tamsin provide great insight into how to deliver true value using the financial planning process" - Sam Colby Butcher

"An excellent course for lifestyle financial planners looking to improve their first meeting skills"
Dan Britton -  Blue-FS.co.uk

“The quality of the feedback and challenges from the hosts was excellent. The relaxed environment allowed us to practice and improve our skills. It was great to be working with like-minded individuals. A must for any aspiring financial planner.” - James Mousley

“This gave me the chance to practice a skill that I practice nowhere near enough.” Nick Grogan
Your Facilitators...
Your facilitators for the day are Steve Martin of Smart Financial and Damien Rylett of Brunel Capital Partners.
Steve is a long term founding Member of Inspiring Advisers and a regular contributor to BACK2Y - The Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference.
In the last few years Steve has spoken at numerous very well attended IFP branch meetings on the subject of how to deliver the perfect first meeting. That being to engage the client and obtain their consent to becoming a full financial planning client (assuming they are the right client for your firm) and to pay significant fees for your service. 

Steve established Smart Financial in October 2008 as a pure Lifestyle Financial Planning business. He has been a practitioner of Lifestyle Financial Planning for 15 years. Every individual client of Smart Financial Planning is a Financial Planning client, no exceptions, so he has huge experience of delivering an initial meeting with a client that allows him to understand clients’ needs and the client to understand how Smart can help. Testament to the success of his approach Steve splits his time between the UK and Spain and is, “walking the walk’ when it comes to his own life planning.
Damien is a longstanding Inspiring Advisers member/supporter and contributor to the BACK2Y Conference.
A former IFP Branch Manager and Conference Chairman who has spoken at a number of events on Practice Management. Damien established Brunel Capital Partners, a Bristol based financial planning firm in 2011. He is responsible for mentoring and developing the firm’s young, upcoming financial planners. Having acquired Pilgrim Financial Planning, a Somerset based IFA practice in the summer of 2016, Damien is overseeing the firm’s transition from a traditional, transactional model to a comprehensive financial planning offering. Damien has been delivering Lifestyle financial planning for the past 12 years using the Inspiring Advisers “bucket” method so after years of practice, is ideally placed to pass on his experiences. An experienced sports coach, Damien is able to transfer the skills acquired in this arena to the financial planning world to help advisers and planners be the best they can be and deliver their service with passion, integrity and empathy. 
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